Volunteering is perfect for students, retirees, and anyone else interested in history and their community.

Currently, we have the following volunteer positions available:

  • Moravian Roots – Data entry
    Computer skills (database)
    once/week (or more if possible)
  • Moravian Roots – Reading manuscripts + data entry (from the originals)
    Ability to read old handwriting
    Computer skills (database)
    once/week (or more if possible)

    Learn more about Moravian Roots.

  • Transcriptions of German texts
    Ability to read old German handwriting
    Computer skills (Word)
    once/week (or more if possible)
  • Recycling volunteer
    Ability to come once/week to pick up recycling
  • Handyperson
    Ability to perform simple housekeeping chores
    On call
  • Assistant with the gift shop
    Mailing orders; sorting, labeling
    Ability to come several times/week (during the holiday season)
  • Digitizing
    Digitizing photographs, drawings, documents
    Computer skills (preferably Photoshop)

Those interested in volunteering should contact the Archives to discuss available projects and a tentative schedule.

The Moravian Archives greatly appreciates all of its volunteers. Volunteers are honored at our annual “Volunteer Party.”

Help make history come alive! Volunteer at the Archives!