Time: 5:00 pm  to  6:00 pm

GRUNEWALDSIn 2014 the portraits of John C. Malthaner (1810-1873) and his wife Catherine Malthaner, née Schoenheinz (1812-1879) were donated to the Moravian Archives by descendants of the Malthaners. The portraits were painted by famous Bethlehem artist Gustav Grunewald.

Due to the long exposure to an uncontrolled environment the portraits needed to be restored. Thanks to the generosity of various donors it was possible to have the paintings professionally restored by Steven Erisoty in Philadelphia. At the presentation the paintings will be shown to the public for the first time after their restoration. Conservator Steven Erisoty will speak about the restoration and archivist Paul Peucker will speak about the Malthaners and about Moravian painter Grunewald.

The restored paintings will be presented to the public on February 2 (snow date: February 9).

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