Center for Moravian Studies

The Center for Moravian Studies promotes the scholarly study of the history, beliefs, and traditions of the Moravian Church. Attention is given to the entire historical tradition of the Moravian Church as well as to issues relating to contemporary concerns of the Moravians in North America and world wide.

Bethlehem Digital History Project

The documents, many from the Moravian Archives, revealed in this site were selected to increase accessibility to sources that illuminate key elements of the Bethlehem community from its founding in 1741 through 1844. It’s the aim of this project to encourage broad or specialized exploration of local, regional and national history.

Unity Archives

(Moravian Archives, Herrnhut, Germany)

The Unity Archives holds records from the world-wide Moravian Church, including many records relating to the Moravians in America (some of these are available on microfilm at the Bethlehem archives).

Click on “recherche” (upper right) to search the online finding aid. The catalog of the Topographische Sammlung (architectural drawings, maps, views) contains images of the collection.

The music collection of the Unity Archives can be searched on the RISM website (library/archives code D-HER).



(Répertoire International des Sources Musicales)

The RISM catalog contains the catalogs of the following Moravian collections:

  • music collection at the Unity Archives in Herrnhut, Germany, containing music from Ebersdorf, Gnadau, Gnadenfrei, Herrnhut, Kleinwelka, Neudietendorf and Niesky (also see below) (library/archives code D-HER).
  • musical manuscripts of the congregation at Niesky, Germany, that were loaned to the Breslau library before World War II and are now in the Biblioteka Uniwersytecka , Warszawa (library code PL-Wu) (also see above).
  • music collection of the Moravian congregation at Christiansfeld, Denmark (DK-Ch).


Moravian Archives – Southern Province



Moravian Archives – British Province



Historic Bethlehem Partnership


Moravian Church in America

Moravian Music Foundation


Moravian Historical Society



Moravian College Archives

Beyond Steel

An Archive of Lehigh Valley Industry and Culture



Internet Mission Photography Archive

This online digital collection brings together over 10,000 photographs from various missionary photographers. The Internet Mission Photography Archive (IMPA) is based at the University of Southern California and includes photographs from the collections of the Moravian Church (Unity Archives in Herrnhut,Germany), the Leipzig Mission, the Norwegian Missionary Society, and three other organizations. In this collection, visitors can view churches, school buildings, mission teachings, religious practices, and a constellation of subjects and themes. Users can browse around at their leisure, create their own dedicated collection, and also search the archive by words, contributing organization, and country.
Religious historians, photographers, and others will certainly want to visit this collection several times.


The Lost Village of Christian’s Spring

This website is a central resource for research on the Moravian settlement of Christiansbrunn (or Christian’s Spring). At Christiansbrunn, located just west of Nazareth, PA, a community of single men, along with young boys who were learning trades, lived, worked, and worshipped from 1749 to 1795. Married couples and families also resided at Christiansbrunn throughout the eighteenth century.