The Moravian Archives received four new paintings by two significant Moravian artists. These portraits are now on display in a new exhibit: “New Faces at the Moravian Archives.”

New Faces at MAB-Former Bethlehem mayor, Gordon Mowrer, and his wife Mary Mowrer, donated two 18th-century oil paintings by John Valentine Haidt. They are portraits of George Burnet (died 1764) and his wife Ismaiah Burnet, nee Thomas (1696-1773). The Burnets were members of the New York Moravian church and came to America together with New York governor George Burnet. Mary Mowrer is a direct descendant of the Burnets. Haidt was a Moravian painter who lived in Bethlehem from 1754 until his death in 1780.

The other two portraits that were donated to the Archives are painted by Gustav Grunewald, who lived in Bethlehem between 1832 and 1867 and taught at the Moravian Female Seminary (boarding school for girls). Anne Malmquist (Sunnyvale, CA) and Catherine Abrams (Alexandria, VA) are descendants of John Malthaner (1810-1873) and his wife Catherina Malthaner, nee Schoenheinz (1812-1879). Malthaner was piano maker in Bethlehem who also worked for the Female Seminary.

How can I see the new paintings?

The paintings are on display at the Moravian Archives, 41 West Locust Street in Bethlehem. Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.