Journal of Moravian History 7


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Journal of Moravian History

Journal of Moravian History, continuing the Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society. Published by Moravian Archives and The Moravian Historical Society.
issue 7 | Fall 2009 | 128 pages | ISSN 1933 – 6632

* Felicity Jensz, \”Three Peculiarities of the Southern Australian Moravian Mission Field,\” 7-30
* Mark Everingham and Edwin Taylor, \”Encounters of Moravian Missionaries with Miskitu Autonomy and Land Claims in Nicaragua, 1894 to 1936,\” 31-57
* Paul Peucker, \”Zinzendorf’s Plan for a \’Complete History of the True Church of Christ,\’\” 59-82
* Peter Vogt, \”\’Honor to the Side\’: The Adoration of the Side Wound of Jesus in Eighteenth-Century Moravian Piety,\” 83-106

Source Materials
* Katherine Faull, \”Mapping a Mission: The Origins of Golkowsky’s 1768 Map of Friedenshütten, Pennsylvania,\” 107-116

Book Reviews
* Katherine Carte Engel. Religion and Profit: Moravians in Early America, reviewed by A. G. Roeber
* A. G. Roeber, ed. Ethnographies and Exchanges: Native Americans, Moravians, and Catholics in Early North America, reviewed by Rachel Wheeler
* Rüdiger Kröger, ed. Johann Leonhard Dober und der Beginn der Herrnhuter Mission
and Matthias Graf. Herrnhuter in Hessen: Der Herrnhaag in der Grafschaft Büdingen, reviewed by Jared S. Burkholder

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