Journal of Moravian History 8


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Journal of Moravian History

Journal of Moravian History, continuing the Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society. Published by Moravian Archives and The Moravian Historical Society.
issue 8 | Spring 2010 | 136 pages | ISSN 1933 – 6632

* Scott Paul Gordon, \”Entangled by the World: William Henry of Lancaster and \’Mixed\’ Living in Moravian Town and Country Congregations,\” 7-52
* Craig D. Atwood, \”Apologizing for the Moravians: Spangenberg’s Idea Fidei Fratrum,\” 53-88
* Katherine M. Faull, \”\’You are the Savior’s Widow\’: Religion, Sexuality and Bereavement in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Church,\” 89-115

Book Reviews
* Claus Bernet. Gebaute Apokalypse: Die Utopie des Himmlischen Jerusalem in der Frühen Neuzeit, reviewed by Peter Vogt
* Peter Vogt. Zwischen Bekehrungseifer und Philosemitismus: Texte zur Stellung des Pietismus zum Judentum, reviewed by Jason Radine
* Christine Lost. Das Leben als Lehrtext. Lebensläufe aus der Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine, reviewed by Thomas Ruhland
* Nola Reed Knouse. The Music of the Moravian Church in America, reviewed by Hilde Binford
* Mark Häberlein. The Practice of Pluralism: Congregational Life and Religious Diversity in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1730-1820, reviewed by Scott Paul Gordon

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