Journal of Moravian History 9


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Journal of Moravian History

Journal of Moravian History, continuing the Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society. Published by Moravian Archives and The Moravian Historical Society.
issue 9 | Fall 2010 | 136 pages | ISSN 1933 – 6632

* Hans J. Rollmann, \”Moravians in Central Labrador: The Indigenous Inuit Mission of Jacobus and Salome at Snooks Cove,\” 7-40
* Helen C. Blouet, \”Transitions in Moravian Burial and Commemorative Practices in the Former Danish West Indies,\” 41-67
* Vernon H. Nelson, \”The Sun Inn at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,\” 69-82

Source Materials
* Scott Paul Gordon, \”William Atlee’s Description of Bethlehem (1779),\” 83-88
* Andrew Heil, Paul Peucker, and Lanie Graf, \”Overview of Publications on the Moravian Church in English, 2000-2010,\” 89-121

Book Reviews
* C. Daniel Crews. Faith, Love, Hope: A History of the Unitas Fratrum, reviewed by Glenn Miller
* Craig D. Atwood. The Theology of the Czech Brethren from Hus to Comenius, reviewed by Howard Louthan
* Gunlög Fur. A Nation of Women: Gender and Colonial Encounters Among the Delaware Indians, reviewed by Michelle LeMaster
* Rachel Wheeler. To Live upon Hope: Mohicans and Missionaries in the Eighteenth-Century Northeast, reviewed by Amy C. Schutt
* Beverly Hamel. Bethania: The Village by the Black Walnut Bottom, reviewed by S. Scott Rohrer

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