Journal of Moravian History Vol. 12|no. 1


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Journal of Moravian History

Journal of Moravian History. Published by Moravian Archives, The Moravian Historical Society and The Pennsylvania State University Press.
Volume 12|no. 1 | Spring 2012 | 109 pages | ISSN 1933-6632

* Katherine Carté Engel, “Moravians in the Eighteenth-century Atlantic World,” 1-19
* Amy C. Schutt, “Complex Connections: Communication, Mobility, and Relationships in Moravian Children’s Lives,” 20-46
* Craig D. Atwood, “‘The Hallensians are Pietists; aren’t you a Hallensian?’ Mühlenberg’s Conflict with the Moravians in America,” 47-92
* Jonathan Yonan, “The 1775 Correspondence of John Wesley and Francis Okely,” 93-103

Book Reviews
* Jonathan Strom, ed. Pietism and Community in Europe and North America, 1650-1850; reviewed by A. G. Roeber
* Benjamin F. Tillman, Imprints on Native Land: The Miskito-Moravian Settlement Landscape in Honduras; reviewed by Kimberly Fabbri

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