Journal of Moravian History Vol 13| No. 2


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Journal of Moravian History

Journal of Moravian History. Published by Moravian Archives, The Moravian Historical Society and The Pennsylvania State University Press.
Volume 13|no. 2 | Fall 2013 | 234 pages | ISSN 1933-6632

* Craig Atwood, “The use of the ‘Ancient Unity’ in the Historiography of the Moravian Church,” 109-157
* Catherine Bancroft, “Maria Beaumont: Race and Caribbean Wealth at the Early Nineteenth Century Moravian Boarding School for Girls in Bethlehem,” 158-196
* Markéta Křížová, “The Moravian Church and the Society of Jesus: American Mission and American Utopia in the Age of Confessionalization,” 226

Book reviews
* Craig Atwood, Book review of Edita Sterik, Mährische Exulanten in der erneuerten Brüderunität im 18. Jahrhundert
* Alice Caldwell, Book review of Tim Sharpe, ed., Musical Treasures from Moravian Archives, Volume 1: Johannes Herbst: Hymns to be Sung at the Pianoforte
* Amy Schutt, Book review of Patrick M. Erben, A Harmony of the Spirits: Translation and the Language of Community in Early Pennsylvania

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