Journal of Moravian History Vol 13|No. 1


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Journal of Moravian History

Journal of Moravian History. Published by Moravian Archives, The Moravian Historical Society and The Pennsylvania State University Press.
Volume 13|no. 1 | Spring 2013 | 108 pages | ISSN 1933-6632

* Scott Paul Gordon, “Glad Passivity: Mary Penry of Lititz and the Making of Moravian Women,” 1-26
* Katherine Faull, “Masculinity in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Mission Field: Contact and Negotiation,” 27-53
* Derrick Miller, “Moravian Familiarities: Queer Community in the Moravian Church in Europe and North America in the Mid-Eighteenth Century,” 54-75
* Jan Hüsgen, “Religion and Rebellion: Moravian Mission and (Post)-Emancipation Revolts in the British and Danish Caribbean,” 76-100

Book Reviews
*Leland Ferguson, God’s Fields: Landscape, Religion, and Race in Moravian Wachovia; reviewed by Helen Blouet
*Einar Lund Jensen, et al., Cultural Encounters at Cape Farewell: The East Greenlandic Immigrants and the German Moravian Mission in the 19th Century; reviewed by Anne Folke Henningsen

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