Journal of Moravian History Vol. 14| No. 2


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Journal of Moravian History

Journal of Moravian History. Published by Moravian Archives, The Moravian Historical Society and The Pennsylvania State University Press.
Volume 14|no. 2 | Fall 2014 | 187pages | ISSN 1933-6632

* Derrick R. Miller, “Alexander Volck’s Anti-Moravian Polemics as Enlightenment Anxieties,” 103-118
* Scott Paul Gordon, “The Paxton Boys and the Moravians: Terror and Faith in Pennsylvania Backcountry ,” 119-152
* John William Catron, “Slavery, Ethnic Identity, and Christianity in Eighteenth-Century Moravian Antigua,” 153

Book reviews
* Edward E. Andrews, Native Apostiles: Black and Indian Missionaries in the British Atlantic World
* Christian Soboth, Udo Sträter, “Aus Gottes Wort und eigner Erfahrung gezeiget.”
* Charlotte Yeldham, Maria Spilsbury (1776-1820): Artist and Evangelical

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