Journal of Moravian History Vol. 16 | No. 2


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Journal of Moravian History. Published by Moravian Archives, The Moravian Historical Society and The Pennsylvania State University Press.
Volume 16 | no. 2 | Fall 2016 | pages 65-176 | ISSN 1933-6632


  • Tom Schwanda, “The Protestant Reception of Jan Hus in Great Britain and the American Colonies”
  • Thomas A. Fudge, “Jan Hus in English Language Historiography, 1863-2013”
  • Thomas McCullough, Overview of Publications on the Moravian Church in English, 2011-2015

book reviews:

  • Craig Atwood, review of Christopher B. Barnett, Kierkegaard, Pietism, and Holiness
  • Kimberly Fabbri, review of Karl Offen and Terry Rugeley, The Awakening Coast: An Anthology of Moravian Writings from Mosquitia and Eastern Nicaragua, 1849- 1899
  • Linda Sabathy Judd, review of France Rivet. In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab: The Events of 1880-1881

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