Von Goethe bis Grass: Herrnhuter in der Literatur


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Von Goethe bis Grass: Herrnhuter in der Literatur. Ein Lesebuch. Edited by Peter Vogt. Ohorn: KWB-Verlag, 2016.

320 pages | 21 x 14.8 cm | hardcover | 40 illustrations | ISBN: 978-3-9814149-1-2

This German reader offers an overview of literary texts in which the Moravians appear. Peter Vogt collected, introduced, and edited this book with forty texts by thirty-seven different authors from fifteen countries spanning 220 years. With an afterword by Hartmut Lehmann.

Texts by Goethe, Benjamin Franklin, Jean Paul, Mary Prince, James Fenimore Cooper, Charlotte Brontë, Gustave Flaubert, Theodore Fontane, Dostojewski, Franz Kafka, Leo Tolstoi, Rudyard Kipling, Hermann Hesse, Stefan Zweig, Peter Høeg, Günter Grass, Per Olov Enquist, and many others.


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