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publication date November 27, 2012

John Valentine Haidt: The Life of a Moravian Painter

by Vernon H. Nelson
edited by June Schlueter and Paul Peucker

John Valentine Haidt (1700-1780) was the official painter for the Moravian Church, an eighteenth-century religious community that unlike many other Protestant groups did not reject the use of art in their church life. Over the years of his involvement with the Moravians in Germany, England, and Pennsylvania, Haidt painted many biblical, historical, and allegorical paintings, as well as hundreds of portraits; many of his works survive in collections around the world.

This is the first comprehensive biography of Haidt, based on extensive archival research in Germany and America. The book includes a translation of Haidt’s original autobiography as well as of his Treatise on Art.

200 pages | 10 x 8 in. | hardcover | 101 illustrations | full color

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(regular price: $84.95)

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Self, Community, World was edited by Heikki Lempa (Moravian College) and Paul Peucker (Moravian Archives) and contains selected papers, presented at a recent Moravian History Conference at Moravian College. Topics cover music, art, education, the practice of “speaking,” the Enlightenment, Zinzendorf, Comenius, Jablonski and Lessing.

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The following books have been published by the Moravian Archives. They are all available through our bookshop. Click here for more information.

A History of the Beginnings of Moravian Work in America, Being a Translation of Georg Neisserīs Manuscripts, transl. and ed. by William N. Schwarze and Samuel H. Gapp (1955).

Christian David, Servant of the Lord, Being a Translation of the Memoir of Christian David as Written by Zinzendorf and Translations of Selected Letters and Reports Written by Christian David or Pertaining to Him, transl. by Carl John Fliegel, ed. by Vernon H. Nelson (1962).

The Bethlehem Diary, Vol. I, 1742-1744, transl. and ed. by Kenneth G. Hamilton (1971).

The Bethlehem Diary, Vol. II, January 1, 1744 - May 31, 1745, transl. by Kenneth G. Hamilton and Lothar Madeheim, ed. by Vernon H. Nelson, Otto Dreydoppel, Jr. and Doris Rohland Yob, (2001).

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