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Current issue:

JMH 18/1, Spring 2018


  • C. Daniel Crews, “Luke of Prague: Theologian of the Unity”
  • David A. Schattschneider, “The Roots of the Contemporary Moravian Church in North America”
  • Peter Vogt, “How Moravian Are the Moravians? The Paradox of Moravian Identity”

Research note

  • Paul Peucker, “The Textual History of the 1742 Bethlehem Diary”

Book reviews

  • Jessica Cronshagen, Book review of Natasha Lightfoot, Troubling Freedom: Antigua and the Aftermath of British Emancipatio
  • Christina Ekström, Book review of Sara Aebi, Mädchenerziehung und Mission, Die Töchterpension der Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine in Montmirail im 18. Jahrhundert
  • Carlos Zúñiga Nieto, Book review of Katherine M. Faull, ed., Speaking to Body and Soul: Instructions for the Moravian Choir Helpers 1785-1786


Former issues:

JMH 17/2, Fall 2017

* Laurence Libin, “More Light on J. C. Malthaner, Moravian Piano Manufacturer”
* Hans J. Rollmann, “‘So that in this part you should not lag behind other missionary congregations...’ The Introduction of National Helpers in the Moravian Mission among the Labrador Inuit”

Source material
* Jared Burkholder, “Moravians Encounter New England’s Radical Evangelicals, 1745 and 1759”

Book reviews
* Wolfgang Breul, Book review of Douglas A. Shantz, ed., A Companion to German Pietism 1660–1800
* Gerald Theodore MacDonald, Book review of Hermann Wellenreuther, Citizens in a Strange Land: A Study of German-American Broadsides and Their Meaning for Germans in North America, 1730-1830

JMH 17/1, Spring 2017

* Rachel Wheeler and Sarah Eyerly, “Songs of the Spirit: Hymnody in the Moravian Mohican Missions”
* Kyle Fisher, “After Gnadenhütten: The Moravian Indian Mission in the Old Northwest, 1782–1812”

Source Material
* Christina Petterson and Katherine M. Faull, “Speaking about Marriage: Notes from the 1744 Married Choir Conferences”

JMH 16/2, Fall 2016

* Tom Schwanda, "The Protestant Reception of Jan Hus in Great Britain and the American Colonies"
* Thomas A. Fudge, "Jan Hus in English Language Historiography, 1863-2013"

Source Materials
* Thomas J. McCullough, "Overview of Publications on the Moravian Church in English, 2011-2015"

Book reviews
* Craig Atwood, review of Christopher B. Barnett, Kierkegaard, Pietism, and Holiness
* Kimberly Fabbri, review of Karl Offen and Terry Rugeley, The Awakening Coast: An Anthology of Moravian Writings from Mosquitia and Eastern Nicaragua, 1849- 1899
* Linda Sabathy Judd, review of France Rivet. In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab: The Events of 1880-1881

JMH 16/1, Spring 2016

* Scott Paul Gordon and Robert Paul Lienemann, "The Gunmaking Trade in Bethlehem, Christiansbrunn, and Nazareth: Opportunity and Constraint in Managed Moravian Economies, 1750-1800"
* Christina Petterson, "'A plague of the State and the Church.' A Local Response to the Moravian Enterprise"

Book review

* Alexander Schunka, Book review of A. G. Roeber, Hopes for Better Spouses. Protestant Marriage and Church Renewal in Early Modern Europe, India, and North America

JMH 15/2, Fall 2015

* Peter Vogt, "The Masculinity of Christ according to Zinzendorf: Evidence and Interpretation"
* Paul Peucker, "The Haube Revolt: Conflict and Disagreement in the Moravian Community of Nazareth, Pa., 1815"

Source Materials
* Thomas J. McCullough, “'The Most Memorable Circumstances': Instructions for the Collection of Personal Data from Church Members, circa 1752"
* Lanie Graf Yaswinski, “'How One Spends a Useful Visit': The Letters of Friedrica Göttlich Braun in the Eastern West Indies"

Book Reviews
* Mark J. Dixon, Book review of Mark Granquist, Lutherans in America: A New History
* James Paxton, Book review of William A. Starna, From Homeland to New Land: A History of the Mahican Indians, 1600-1830

JMH 15/1, Spring 2015

* Felicity Jensz, Overcoming objections to print: The Moravian Periodical Accounts and the pressure of publishing in eighteenth-century Britain

Research note
* Claudia Mai, Tracing the Footsteps of the Fathers: The History of the Acta Unitatis Fratrum

Source material
* Rachel Wheeler, An Eighteenth-Century Trail of Tears: The Travel Diary of Johann Jacob Schmick of the Moravian Indian Congregation’s Journey to the Susquehanna, 1765

Book reviews
* Craig Atwood, Book review of Aaron Spencer Fogleman, Two Troubled Souls: An Eighteenth-Century Couple’s Spiritual Journey in the Atlantic World
* Michelle LeMaster, Book review of Hermann Wellenreuther, Citizens in a Strange Land: A Study of German-American Broadsides and Their Meaning for Germans in North America, 1730-183
*Peter Yoder, Book review of Wolfgang Breul and Jan Carsten Schnurr, eds., Geschichtsbewusstsein und Zukunftserwartung in Pietismus und Erweckungsbewegung

JMH 14/2, Fall 2014

*Derrick R. Miller, Alexander Volck’s Anti-Moravian Polemics as Enlightenment Anxieties, 103-118
* Scott Paul Gordon, The Paxton Boys and the Moravians: Terror and Faith in the Pennsylvania Backcountry, 119-152
* John William Catron, Slavery, Ethnic Identity, and Christianity in Moravian Antigua, 153-178

Book reviews
* Felicity Jensz, Book review of Edward E. Andrews, Native Apostles: Black and Indian Missionaries in the British Atlantic World, 179-181
* Douglas H. Shantz, Book review of Christian Soboth and Udo Sträter, Aus Gottes Wort und eigener Erfahrung gezeiget. Erfahrung–Glauben, Erkennen und Handeln in Pietismus. Beiträge zum III. Internationalen Kongress für Pietismusforschung 2009, 182-185
* Jonathan Yonan, Book review of Charlotte Yeldham, Maria Spilsbury (1776-1820): Artist and Evangelical, 185-187

JMH 14/1, Spring 2014

* Maciej Ptaszyński, "Between Marginalization and Orthodoxy: The Unitas Fratrum in Poland in the Sixteenth Century," 1-29
* Vladimír Urbánek, "Comenius, the Unity of the Brethren and Correspondence Networks," 30-50
* Siglind Ehinger, "German Pietists between the Ancient Unity of Brethren and the Moravian Church: The Case of the Württemberg Pastor Georg Konrad Rieger (1687-1743) and his History of the Bohemian Brethren," 51-72
* Alexander Schunka, "Collecting Money, Connecting Beliefs: Fundraising and Networking in the Unity of Brethren of the Early Eighteenth Century," 73-92

Book reviews
* Gerhard Bassler, Book review of Thea Olsthoorn, Die Erkundungsreisen der Herrnhuter Missionare nach Labrador (1752-1770): Kommunikation mit Menschen einer nicht-schriftlichen Kultur
* Peter Vogt, Book review of Felicity Jensz, German Moravian Missionaries in the British Colony of Victoria, Australia, 1848-1908: Influential Strangers
* Martin Wernisch, Book review of Simon Kuchlbauer, Johann Amos Comenius’ antisozinianische Schriften. Entwurf eines integrativen Konzepts von Aufklärung

JMH 13/2, Fall 2013

* Craig Atwood, "The use of the ‘Ancient Unity’ in the Historiography of the Moravian Church," 109-157
* Catherine Bancroft, "Maria Beaumont: Race and Caribbean Wealth at the Early Nineteenth Century Moravian Boarding School for Girls in Bethlehem," 158-196
* Markéta Křížová, "The Moravian Church and the Society of Jesus: American Mission and American Utopia in the Age of Confessionalization," 226

Book reviews
* Craig Atwood, Book review of Edita Sterik, Mährische Exulanten in der erneuerten Brüderunität im 18. Jahrhundert
* Alice Caldwell, Book review of Tim Sharpe, ed., Musical Treasures from Moravian Archives, Volume 1: Johannes Herbst: Hymns to be Sung at the Pianoforte
* Amy Schutt, Book review of Patrick M. Erben, A Harmony of the Spirits: Translation and the Language of Community in Early Pennsylvania

JMH 13/1, Spring 2013

* Scott Paul Gordon, "Glad Passivity: Mary Penry of Lititz and the Making of Moravian Women," 1-26
* Katherine Faull, "Masculinity in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Mission Field: Contact and Negotiation," 27-53
* Derrick Miller, "Moravian Familiarities: Queer Community in the Moravian Church in Europe and North America in the Mid-Eighteenth Century," 54-75
* Jan Hüsgen, "Religion and Rebellion: Moravian Mission and (Post)-Emancipation Revolts in the British and Danish Caribbean," 76-100

Book Reviews
*Leland Ferguson, God's Fields: Landscape, Religion, and Race in Moravian Wachovia; reviewed by Helen Blouet
*Einar Lund Jensen, et al., Cultural Encounters at Cape Farewell: The East Greenlandic Immigrants and the German Moravian Mission in the 19th Century; reviewed by Anne Folke Henningsen

JMH 12/2, Fall 2012

* Scott Paul Gordon, "Patriots and Neighbors: Pennsylvania Moravians in the American Revolution," 111-142
* Jared Burkholder, "Neither 'Kriegerisch' nor 'Quäkerisch': Moravians and the Question of Violence in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania," 143-169
* Paul Peucker, "Selection and Destruction in Moravian Archives between 1760 and 1810," 170-215

Book Reviews
*Peter Zimmerling. Ein Leben für die Kirche: Zinzendorf als praktischer Theologe; reviewed by Riddick Weber
* Claus Veltmann, Jürgen Gröschl, and Thomas Müller-Bahlke. Freiheit, Fortschritt, und Verheißung: Blickwechsel zwischen Europa und Nordamerika seit der frühen Neuzeit; reviewed by Michelle LeMaster
* Arthur Manukyan. Konstantinopel und Kairo: Die Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine im Kontakt zum Ökumenischen Patriarchat und zur Koptischen Kirche. Interkonfessionelle und interkulturelle Begegnungen im 18. Jahrhundert; reviewed by Craig Atwood

JMH 12/1, Spring 2012

* Katherine Carté Engel, "Moravians in the Eighteenth-century Atlantic World," 1-19
* Amy C. Schutt, "Complex Connections: Communication, Mobility, and Relationships in Moravian Children's Lives," 20-46
* Craig D. Atwood, "'The Hallensians are Pietists; aren’t you a Hallensian?' Mühlenberg’s Conflict with the Moravians in America," 47-92
* Jonathan Yonan, "The 1775 Correspondence of John Wesley and Francis Okely," 93-103

Book Reviews
* Jonathan Strom, ed. Pietism and Community in Europe and North America, 1650-1850; reviewed by A. G. Roeber
* Benjamin F. Tillman, Imprints on Native Land: The Miskito-Moravian Settlement Landscape in Honduras; reviewed by Kimberly Fabbri

JMH 11, Winter 2011

* Felicity Jensz, "Moravian Mission Education in the Nineteenth Century: Global Patterns and Local Manifestations at New Fairfield, Upper Canada," 7-28
* Rachel Wheeler, "An Imagined Mohican-Moravian Lebenslauf: Joshua Sr., d. 1775," 29-44
* Thomas Fudge, "Jan Hus at Calvary: The Text of an Early Fifteenth-Century Passio," 45-81
* Katherine Faull, "From Friedenshütten to Wyoming: Johannes Ettwein’s Map of the Upper Susquehanna (1768) and an Account of his Journey," 83-96

Book Reviews
* Thomas A. Fudge. Jan Hus: Religious Reform and Social Revolution in Bohemia; reviewed by Craig D. Atwood
* Louise Sebro. Mellem Afrikaner og kreol: ethnisk identitet og social navigation i Dansk Vestindien, 1730-1770; reviewed by Svend E. Holsoe

JMH 10, Spring 2011

Articles and Source Materials
* Paul Peucker, "In the Blue Cabinet: Moravians, Marriage and Sex," 7-37
* Peter Vogt, "Zinzendorf’s, 'Seventeen Points of Matrimony': A Foundational Document on the Moravian Understanding of Marriage and Sexuality," 39-67
* Katherine Faull, "The Married Choir Instructions (1785)," 69-110

Book Reviews
* Truus Bouman-Komen. Bruderliebe und Feindeshaß. Eine Untersuchung von frühen * Zinzendorf-Texten (1713-1727) in ihrem kirchengeschichtlichen Kontext
reviewed by Peter Vogt
* S. Scott Rohrer. Wandering Souls: Protestant Migrations in America, 1630-1865
reviewed by Christopher E. Hendricks
* Corinna Dally-Starna and William Starna, trans. and eds. Gideon’s People: Being a Chronicle of an American Indian Community in Colonial Connecticut and the Moravian Missionaries Who Served There , reviewed by Sharon Sauder Muhlfeld
* Kevin Kenny. Peaceable Kingdom Lost: The Paxton Boys and the Destruction of William Penn’s Holy Experiment, reviewed by Scott Paul Gordon
* Heikki Lempa and Paul Peucker, eds. Self, Community, World: Moravian Education in a Transatlantic World, reviewed by Craig D. Atwood

JMH 9, Fall 2010

* Hans J. Rollmann, "Moravians in Central Labrador: The Indigenous Inuit Mission of Jacobus and Salome at Snooks Cove," 7-40
* Helen C. Blouet, "Transitions in Moravian Burial and Commemorative Practices in the Former Danish West Indies," 41-67
* Vernon H. Nelson, "The Sun Inn at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania," 69-82

Source Materials
* Scott Paul Gordon, "William Atlee’s Description of Bethlehem (1779)," 83-88
* Andrew Heil, Paul Peucker, and Lanie Graf, "Overview of Publications on the Moravian Church in English, 2000-2010," 89-121

Book Reviews
* C. Daniel Crews. Faith, Love, Hope: A History of the Unitas Fratrum, reviewed by Glenn Miller
* Craig D. Atwood. The Theology of the Czech Brethren from Hus to Comenius, reviewed by Howard Louthan
* Gunlög Fur. A Nation of Women: Gender and Colonial Encounters Among the Delaware Indians, reviewed by Michelle LeMaster
* Rachel Wheeler. To Live upon Hope: Mohicans and Missionaries in the Eighteenth-Century Northeast, reviewed by Amy C. Schutt
* Beverly Hamel. Bethania: The Village by the Black Walnut Bottom, reviewed by S. Scott Rohrer

JMH 8, Spring 2010

* Scott Paul Gordon, "Entangled by the World: William Henry of Lancaster and 'Mixed' Living in Moravian Town and Country Congregations," 7-52
* Craig D. Atwood, "Apologizing for the Moravians: Spangenberg’s Idea Fidei Fratrum," 53-88
* Katherine M. Faull, "'You are the Savior’s Widow': Religion, Sexuality and Bereavement in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Church," 89-115

Book Reviews
* Claus Bernet. Gebaute Apokalypse: Die Utopie des Himmlischen Jerusalem in der Frühen Neuzeit, reviewed by Peter Vogt
* Peter Vogt. Zwischen Bekehrungseifer und Philosemitismus: Texte zur Stellung des Pietismus zum Judentum, reviewed by Jason Radine
* Christine Lost. Das Leben als Lehrtext. Lebensläufe aus der Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine, reviewed by Thomas Ruhland
* Nola Reed Knouse. The Music of the Moravian Church in America, reviewed by Hilde Binford
* Mark Häberlein. The Practice of Pluralism: Congregational Life and Religious Diversity in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1730-1820, reviewed by Scott Paul Gordon

JMH 7, Fall 2009

* Felicity Jensz, "Three Peculiarities of the Southern Australian Moravian Mission Field," 7-30
* Mark Everingham and Edwin Taylor, "Encounters of Moravian Missionaries with Miskitu Autonomy and Land Claims in Nicaragua, 1894 to 1936," 31-57
* Paul Peucker, "Zinzendorf’s Plan for a 'Complete History of the True Church of Christ,'" 59-82
* Peter Vogt, "'Honor to the Side': The Adoration of the Side Wound of Jesus in Eighteenth-Century Moravian Piety," 83-106

Source Materials
* Katherine Faull, "Mapping a Mission: The Origins of Golkowsky’s 1768 Map of Friedenshütten, Pennsylvania," 107-116

Book Reviews
* Katherine Carte Engel. Religion and Profit: Moravians in Early America, reviewed by A. G. Roeber
* A. G. Roeber, ed. Ethnographies and Exchanges: Native Americans, Moravians, and Catholics in Early North America, reviewed by Rachel Wheeler
* Rüdiger Kröger, ed. Johann Leonhard Dober und der Beginn der Herrnhuter Mission
and Matthias Graf. Herrnhuter in Hessen: Der Herrnhaag in der Grafschaft Büdingen, reviewed by Jared S. Burkholder

JMH 6, Spring 2009

* Paul M. Peucker, "The Ideal of Primitive Christianity as a Source of Moravian Liturgical Practice," 7-29
* Geordan Hammond, "Versions of Primitive Christianity: John Wesley’s Relations with the Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1737," 31-60
* Craig D. Atwood, "Little Side Holes: Moravian Devotional Cards of the Mid-Eighteenth Century," 61-75
* Katherine Faull, "Girl Talk: The Role of the “Speakings” in the Pastoral Care of the Older Girls’ Choir," 77-99

Primary Source Materials
* Peter Vogt, Zinzendorf's Encounter with the Jews. A fictitious dialogue from Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf’s Sonderbare Gespräche, 101-119

Book Reviews
* Katherine Carté Engel, The Great Awakening: The Roots of Evangelical Christianity in Colonial America, by Thomas S. Kidd
* Katherine Carté Engel, Our Savage Neighbors: How Indian War Transformed Early America, by Peter Silver
* Jared Burkholder, Neue Aspekte der Zinzendorf-Forschung, edited by Martin Brecht and Paul Peucker
* Gunlög Fur, Peoples of the River Valleys. The Odyssey of the Delaware Indians, by Amy C. Schutt
* Winfred A. Kohls, Die Herrnhuter in Russland. Ziel, Umfang und Ertrag ihrer Aktivitäten, by Otto Teigeler, 132-135
* Karen Y. Morrison, Archibald Monteath: Igbo, Jamaican, Moravian, by Maureen Warner-Lewis
* Carol A. Traupman-Carr, Music, Women, and Pianos in Antebellum Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: The Moravian Young Ladies’ Seminary, by Jewel Smith

JMH 5, Fall 2008

* Lanie Graf, "John Frederick Hintz, Eighteenth-Century Moravian Instrument Maker, and the Use of the Cittern in Moravian Worship," 7-39
* John Mason, "Peter Brown of Bethlehem and the Revival of the Moravian Mission in Antigua 1770-1780," 41-67
* Leland Ferguson, "What Means 'Gottes Acker'? Leading and Misleading Translations of Salem Records," 69-87
* Robin Jackson, "The Camphill Movement: The Moravian Dimension," 89-100

Book Reviews
* Christopher E. Hendricks, Pious Pursuits: German Moravians in the Atlantic World, edited by Michele Gillespie and Robert Beachy
* Katherine Carté Engel, Jesus is Female: Moravians and the Challenge of Radical Religion in Early America, by Aaron Spencer Fogleman
* James W. Paxton, The Moravian Springplace Mission to the Cherokees, edited by Rowena McClinton

JMH 4, Spring 2008

* Craig D. Atwood, "Spangenberg: A Radical Pietist in Colonial America," 7-27

Research Notes
* Jonathan Yonan, "Archbishop Herring, Anti-Catholicism, and the Moravian Church," 28-43

Source Materials
* Julie Tomberlin Weber, "'Our dear Mama': Zinzendorf’s Memoir of Erdmuth Dorothea," 45-94

JMH 3, Fall 2007

* Hedwig Richter, De-Nazification, Socialism and Solidarity: Re-Establishing International Relations in the Moravian Church after 1945, 7-29
* Colin Podmore, "Zinzendorf and the English Moravians," 31-50
* Paul Peucker, "The Songs of the Sifting: Understanding the Role of Bridal Mysticism in Moravian Piety in the late 1740s," 51-87
* Peter Vogt, "Continuity and Change: The Moravian Music Tradition in Germany from 1865 to 1907," 89-99

Source Materials
* Vernon H. Nelson, "John Valentine Haidt's Treatise On Art," 101-139

JMH 2, Spring 2007

* Gisela Mettele, "Constructions of the Religious Self. Moravian Conversion and Transatlantic Communication," 7-35
* Nola Reed Knouse, "Moravian Music: Introduction, Theme, and Variations," 36-54
* Helen Richards, "Distant Garden: Moravian Missions and the Culture Of Slavery in the Danish West Indies, 1732-1848," 55-74
* David A. Schattschneider, "A 250-Year-Old Mystery: the Disappearance of J. C. Erhardt in Labrador," 76-89

Source Materials
* Craig D. Atwood, "'Catechism of the Bohemian Brethren,' translated and edited from the 1523 German version," 91-117
* Laurence Libin, "The Memoirs of David Tannenberg," 118-134

JMH 1, Fall 2006

* Peter Vogt, "'Everywhere at Home': The Eighteenth-Century Moravian Movement as a Transatlantic Religious Community," 7-29
* Craig Atwood, "Understanding Zinzendorf’s Blood and Wounds Theology," 31-47

Research Notes
* Daniel Crews, "The Writing of 'With Courage for the Future,'" 49-64

Source Materials
* Paul Peucker, "translation of a letter by David Nitschmann letter, New York Jan. 19, 1741, about the settlement of Moravians on the Lehigh River," 65-74