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This Month in Moravian History is an electronic newsletter commemorating events from Moravian history. Each month this newsletter is sent out by email to the churches, institutions and ministers of the Moravian Church, Northern Province and to the Friends of the Moravian Archives. This Month in Moravian History is compiled by Paul Peucker and Lanie Graf (Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, Pa.) in cooperation with Rev. Markus Gill (Moravian congregation at Zeist, Netherlands). Please feel free to print and forward this newsletter!

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• April 2014: The 1764 General Synod

You can download back issues below:

• February 2014: Loskiel and His History of Moravian Missions in North America

• January 2014: Zinzendorf's Arrival on St. Thomas

• December 2013: Moravians on Robben Island

• November 2013: Bethabara 1753

• October 2013: The Kralice Bible

• September 2013: The 1770 Electricity Machine

• March 2013: New Herrnhut on St. Thomas

• December 2012: Christmas at the Boarding School for Girls in Bethlehem 1790

• November 2012: Spangenberg's Departure from America

• October 2012: the Founding of the Society for Propagating the Gospel

• September 2012: Christian Schussele's Power of the Gospel

• August 2012: Zinzendorf Arrested in New York

• June 2012: Christian Protten: Missionary to the Gold Coast of Africa

• May 2012: In All Things: The Moravian Motto

March/April 2012: "Labrador Kate," the Life of Kate Hettasch (1905-1987)

• February 2012: Johannes Herbst, Moravian Minister and Musician

• December 2011/January 2012: Who Invented the Moravian Star?

• November 2011: Abraham Roentgen, Moravian Furniture Maker (1711-1793)

• September/October 2011: Hilda Doolittle, "H.D." (1886-1961)

• August 2011: "We Learned to Love": August 13, 1727

• July 2011: Cornelis Schellinger, Moravian Financier

• June 2011: Zinzendorf's exile at the Ronneburg Castle and the Establishment of the Pilgrims' Congregation

• May 2011: Christian LaTrobe (with music)

   text with music sample. file may take longer to download

• May 2011: Christian LaTrobe (without music)

   smaller file; better for printing

• April 2011: Moravian Synod Meets in Midst of Cold War

• March 2011: Matthaeus Stach Brings Greenlanders to Bethlehem

• February 2011: Zinzendorf and the Order of the Dannebrog

• January 2011: Georg Neisser, the First Moravian Historian in America

• December 2010: Arrival of First Moravians in Suriname, 1735

• October/November 2010: Hans Torgersen Drowns in Alaska

• September 2010: Ernst Reichel Dies at Sea

• August 2010: Oly Carmel, a Young African in Herrnhut

• July 2010: Moravian Mission in Tranquebar, India

• June 2010: Star Mountain in Ramallah, Palestine

• May 2010: Zinzendorf's Death in Herrnhut

• April 2010: Moravians in Savannah, Georgia

• March 2010: David Nitschmann's Bishop's Ordination

• January/February 2010: Anna Maria Lawatsch's Death

• December 2009: The Moravian Star

• November 2009: Christian Gregor's Tune Book, 1784

• October 2009: 250th Anniversary of the Town of Emmaus, Pennsylvania

• September 2009: Georg Schmidt, Moravian Missionary in South Africa

• July/August 2009: 250th Anniversary of Bethania, NC

• June 2009: Beginning of the Moravian mission in Bethel


• May 2009: The Irene in Peril at Sea

• April 2009: Founding of the Ebenezer Mission in Australia

• March 2009: Michael Weisse, Hymn Writer and Composer

• February 2009: Friedrich Schleiermacher

• January 2009: Johann Christian Bechler

• December 2008: Luke of Prague (1458-1528)

• November 2008: David Zeisberger

• October 2008: Moravian Collections of Natural History and Ethnology

• September 2008: Heinrich August Jäschke

• August 2008: The Cup of Covenant

• July 2008: First Moravian Missionaries to St. Croix, 1733

• June 2008: Wesley and the Moravians Reunite

• May 2008: Women Priests in the Moravian Church, 1758

• April 2008: Early Moravian Printing in America

• March 2008: Zinzendorf in Tübingen

• February 2008: John Zwelibanzi: Native Minister in South Africa

• January 2008: Moravians in Greenland

• December 2007: First Christmas Celebration in Herrnhut, 1732

• November 2007: Paul Eugen Layritz, Father of the Moravian School System

• October 2007: Synod of 1857: End of the Unity?

• September 2007: Lafayette and the Moravians

• August 2007: Louise von Hayn, Moravian hymn writer

• July 2007: Unity Prayer Watch, 1957-2007

• June 2007: Zinzendorf and Anna Nitschmann

• May 2007: Nathanael and Anna Johannes Piesch Seidel

• April 2007: The Easter Morning Sunrise Service , 1732

• March 2007: Haidt’s Painting of the First Fruits, 1747

• February 2007: David Roentgen, Moravian Cabinetmaker

• January 2007: 250th Anniversary of the Moravian Archives

• December 2006: 250 Years of Moravian Christmas Candles in America

• November 2006: Tobias Friedrich, First Musician of the Renewed Moravian Church

• October 2006: A Shimmer of Hope: Joseph II's Tolerance Act of 1781

• September 2006: Karl Bregenzer: the Last Moravian Martyr

• August 2006: Erdmuth Dorothea von Zinzendorf

• July 2006: Moravian Work in Jerusalem

• June 2006: The Naming of Lititz

• May 2006: Benjamin Franklin and the Moravians

• April 2006: A Little Spark: Samuel Isles in Antigua

• March 2006: Leonhard Dober

• February 2006: Wedding in Tibet

• January 2006: John Andrew Buckley, the first Moravian minister from Antigua

• December 2005: Moravian Businessman, Abraham Dürninger

• November 2005: The Attack on Gnadenhütten, November 24, 1755

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