General Information

The Moravian Archives is the official repository for the records of the Moravian Church in America – Northern Province. The Northern Province covers the Moravian churches in the United States (except for North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Virginia) and Canada.

The Bethlehem Moravian Archives also holds records from the Moravian Church in Alaska, Labrador, Nicaragua and the Eastern West-Indies. Contact information for the Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem, NC and on other Moravian Archives can be found on the links page on this website.

The Moravian Archives is affiliated with the Moravian Historical Society in Nazareth, PA.

The Moravian Archives in Bethlehem41 West Locust Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018-2757
United States of America

Phone: 610.866.3255

Mission Statement

The Moravian Archives collects and preserves the records of the Moravians in North America and makes them available to the public.

The Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is a major special collection of the Moravian Church, Northern Province. The Archives is located in a modern 9,200 square foot building with two climate-controlled vaults. Both vaults are equipped with a fire suppression system. The Moravian Archives contains approximately 8,000 linear feet of material.

These records document the history of the Moravian Church and especially of the Moravian Church in North America beginning in 1740. Our holdings include records of the church’s administration as well as of many congregations. Many of the early records are written in 18th-century German script, but there are large amounts of documents in English as well. Currently, we have almost 4,000 linear feet of archival records and over 20,000 printed volumes and pamphlets in our library. In addition, there are oil paintings, maps, drawings, prints, photographs, artifacts, as well as selected personal papers.

Many of our paintings are on display in the gallery. The Archives has begun to make the catalogs available on the internet. It is only the beginning, so contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Researchers can study our holdings in the reading room. Use of the Archives in the reading room is free, but we charge for special services such as reproductions or doing research for people who cannot come to the Archives. Please make an appointment for your visit to the Archives.