Submission Guidelines

The editors invite submissions of original articles in all areas of the history of the Unitas Fratrum (Moravian Church). We also welcome (translations of) primary source materials, research notes, as well as book reviews. All articles deemed appropriate for JMH are sent out anonymously for peer review by scholars who are experts in the author’s particular field. We cannot accept or review articles that have been published elsewhere or are under consideration by any other journal or publisher. Each author will receive a copy of the issue in which the article appears.

Preparation of Copy

Articles are to be submitted through our Editorial Manager online submission system (see below). Articles can be submitted at all times of the year. JMH only accepts submissions in electronic form (Word 2007 or later; files in other formats such as WordPerfect cannot be accepted). An accompanying hard copy (printout) is not necessary.

All submissions should be formatted according to The Chicago Manual of Style, latest edition.

All quotations must be translated into English, with the original text provided in a footnote. For editing original source materials and translations, click here for the guidelines JMH follows.

The preferred length for articles is between 6,000 and 11,000 words or 20 and 35 pages.

In order to protect anonymity, the author’s name should not appear on the manuscript; all identifying references and footnotes will be masked for the review process.

Please number the manuscript pages consecutively in the upper-right corner.

Illustrations, maps (at least 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF), and tables are welcome. They can be submitted through Editorial Manager. Please do not place digital images in the text of the manuscript. Illustrations will be printed in black and white.

Authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions for illustrations after the article has been accepted for publication. You must provide the editors with copies of letters of permission from the copyright holders or from the individual or institutional owners of uncopyrighted illustrations.


Editorial Manager Online Submission System

All submissions have to be submitted through our online submission system. The system will notify you automatically about the status of the review process.

When you use Editorial Manager for the first time, you need to register as a user. After you provide your information, you will receive an email with a temporary password. You need to log on to submit your materials.

Together with the text of your article, you need to submit a 150-word abstract. The system will not accept your submission without an abstract.

The Editorial Manager system will also ask you for:

  • the type of article (original article, source material, book review)
  • a full title (required) and a short title (optional)
  • names of any co-authors
  • any comments for the editor
  • suggestions for possible reviewers (optional)
  • names of persons you would prefer not to review your submission

Click here to visit the Editorial Manager online submission site.

There are online instructions available.


Review Process

One or more members of the editorial board will read each contribution. If they decide that an essay warrants further consideration, the editor may ask one or more anonymous reviewers to offer a written assessment of it. You can offer suggestions for reviewers through the Editorial Manager system.

When the reviewers return their assessments, the editorial board confers about the essay and makes a decision. This process generally takes a few months. The editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject any manuscript, even contrary to the recommendation of a reviewer or without any external review whatsoever.

If the editorial board accepts your submission, they usually have comments, questions, and other suggestions for you to consider. We ask you to make these changes within a thirty day time frame.

How to retrieve the edited version of your submission



After Acceptance

After you return you revised submission, we will edit your manuscript and send you the edited version for your approval. How to retrieve the edited version of your submission

Your approved manuscript will be sent to our publisher, Penn State University Press. The  editorial staff at the Press will copyedit your manuscript (according to The Chicago Manual of Style, latest edition), and return it to you by regular email for review. This will be the final stage at which you may make changes.

Later the editorial staff at Penn State Press will send you one set of page proofs, at which time you will have two days to mark any typographical errors. If you do not respond by fax, e-mail, or telephone within two days, the editors may not be able to incorporate your corrections into the printed version of your essay. At this stage you can only change typographical errors; changes to the text can only be made at a charge.



For any questions, please contact the editor: Dr. Paul Peucker Moravian Archives 41 W. Locust Street Bethlehem, PA 18018. USA tel. 610.866.3255 fax 610.866.9210 email:



All members of the editorial board as well as the outside reviewers have agreed
• to keep confidential the content of submissions until publication,
• to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of authors who submit material to the journal,
• and not to disclose information concerning the Journal’s receipt of a submission, its content, or its review, other than in discussions with the journal’s editors and peer reviewers in the normal process of evaluation.