Advice & Procedures

  1. Please be aware that the early Moravians in America spoke and wrote German. Consequently, a large part of our records is written in German script, different from our modern handwriting. This script is not always easy to read and is something which must be learned. It is no longer taught in Germany. If you are interested in learning German script, you can sign up for our annual German script course. For more information, klicken Sie hier.
  2. We also have many materials written in English.
  3. Unfortunately, we are not able to translate materials for you. If you come across unfamiliar terms, we are happy to assist you but otherwise the staff cannot translate for researchers. We can refer you to experienced translators if you need assistance.
  4. In order to preserve our documents, we do not make photocopies from originals or from any bound materials. For this reason researchers are permitted to bring a digital camera to make their own reproductions at no cost, or you can order reproductions through the Archives according to our fee schedule. Scanners are not allowed.
  5. Items from our collection need to be requested through order slips (in the reading room). You can also request items prior to your visit from the online finding aid.
  6. While conducting research at the Archives, please keep documents with their original folders and boxes. Do not change the order of items in a folder or box.
  7. Documents should be requested and referenced according to their title and date, and their box and folder’s name and number. We have guidelines on how to cite records from our holdings available.

Also see the Rules of the Archives