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  • Erbe, Hellmuth. “Bethlehem, Pa. : a Communistic Herrnhut colony of the 18th Century.” Engl. translation by Elisabeth Bahnson of Bethlehem, Pa.: Eine kommunistische Herrn- huter Kolonie des 18 Jahrhunderts (1929), 1959, 190 pp. PDF (43 MB)


Annual reports (“memorabilia”) of the Moravian work at the Native American congregation at Nain (west of Bethlehem, Pa.), 1758-1765, transcription and translation by Vernon H. Nelson (1991).


Please note that the text of the original diary (in German, in Moravian Archives) is much longer. The translator, Mrs. Marx, translated from the original diary around 1929. She left out what appeared to her as routine activities, such as descriptions of devotions, worship services, etc. She made pencil marks in the margin of the original diary of the passages she translated.

Translations of excerpts from the diary of the Moravian congregation at Nazareth, 1740 – 1871

Translations from the diary of the single brothers in Nazareth, 1786-1812

Translations of the minutes of the board of overseers (Aufsehercollegium) in Nazareth, 1779-1856