Researcher Resources

If you cannot come to the Moravian Archives yourself, we are happy to provide information regarding available materials, as well as put you in touch with local researchers-for-hire.

Simple requests that can be answered in less than ten minutes are free of charge. If you believe your question can be answered in ten minutes or less, send an email to or call us at 610.866.3255. We are also happy to provide information about the availability of records and other source materials related to a given topic or Moravian Church congregation. For more comprehensive research requests, we are glad to recommend local researchers-for-hire.

You are also welcome to visit our reading room to do your own research. A visit to the reading room is free of charge. Schedule your appointment by contacting us.

If you serve the Moravian Church and need information from the Archives for church-related reasons, please contact us at or call us at 610.866.3255.