Rules of The Archives

  1. New researchers must complete the Archives’ registration form and provide personal identification.
  2. Every visitor has to sign the visitor log upon arrival and departure.
  3. You may use one of the lockers outside the reading room to store personal items. Bags, etc. are not allowed in the reading room.
  4. When handling documents and books, make sure you have clean hands. Researchers must wear gloves when handling photographs, maps, and objects.
  5. Researchers must work in pencil.
  6. A call slip needs to be filled out for every requested item.
  7. All materials must be handled with care. Do not write on materials or take notes on top of materials. If you have questions on how to handle items, please ask the archivist for assistance.
  8. Food and drinks are prohibited in the reading room and in the gallery. Smoking is prohibited throughout the facility.
  9. Researchers may not enter the vaults.
  10. Researchers must maintain an atmosphere of quiet in respect of other researchers. Accommodations can be made in advance for groups who wish to work together and discuss their research.
  11. Researchers may be warned and/or asked to leave if they do not abide by Archives’ rules.
  12. The Moravian Church in America, Northern Province, restricts access to any records younger than 75 years. Other record groups may have restrictions as well. Access to restricted records is only possible with special permission.
  13. The use of a digital camera or a phone to make images of items in our collections is permitted for study purposes.
  14. Written permission from the archives is required for the publication of an image of any item in our collection.
  15. Materials from the Archives are to be cited according to the Rules for Citing Records from the Moravian Archives. Consult the Archives’ staff for proper citations for manuscripts, books, photographs, or other archival materials.
  16. In accordance with the policy of the Moravian Church in America, Northern Province, no person is allowed to carry a weapon in the archives’ building unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors of the Moravian Archives.