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Many of our collections are accessible through the online finding aid. For some collections, printable findings aids in PDF format are also available. There are also many collections that have not been processed yet. If you have questions about unprocessed collections, do not hesitate to contact us.

This is a systematic list of our holdings. From here, you can access the collection through the online finding aid or by downloading a PDF of the finding aid (if available). If you have a question about an unprocessed collection, do not hesitate to contact us.

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1. Unity (Worldwide Moravian Church)

These collections are about the world-wide Moravian Church (“the Unity”), rather than about the Moravian Church in America, Northern Province.

  • Book of Bishops of the Unity
  • Congregational Accounts (Gemeinnachrichten)
  • General Synod 1957
  • Reports of Prayer Days (“Gemeintagsberichte”), 1736-1746
  • Synods and Conferences in Europe (1736-1761)
  • Unity Elders’ Conference

2. Interprovincial Agencies and Commissions

Interprovincial agencies serve both the Northern and the Southern Provinces. Records of interprovincial agencies are kept in the archives of the Province where their main office was/is located.

  • Board of Foreign Missions
  • Interprovincial Board of Communication
  • Board of World Mission

Records from the following interprovincial commissions/committees:

  • 1969 Hymnal Committee
  • Interprovincial Faith and Order Commission
  • Moravian Episcopal Dialogue
  • Moravian Lutheran Dialogue

3. Northern Province (administration)

Administrative boards of the Northern Province. Until 1764, the Elders of the Bethlehem Congregation were the administrative board for all Moravian activity in North America (incl. the missions); for records regarding the administration of the entire province before 1764, see the records of the Bethlehem Congregation, listed here under 4. Congregations.

From 1764–1857 the Provincial Helpers’ Conference was the administrative board; with the organizational changes of the Unitas Fratrum in 1857 the name became Provincial Elders’ Conference.


  • Bethlehem Home Mission Society
  • Provincial Board of Church Extension
  • Provincial Elders’ Conference (1857-…)
  • Provincial Helpers’ Conference (1764-1856)
  • Synod, Northern Province (1857-…)
  • Synods in America (1742-1856)
  • Synods, Pennsylvania (1742)


The Northern Province is divided into districts, each with its own Synod and Executive Board.

  • Eastern District Christian Education Ministry
  • Eastern District Executive Board
  • First District Executive Board
  • Fourth District Executive Board
  • Pacific Southwest Moravian Board
  • Second District Executive Board
  • Third District Executive Board
  • Western District Christian Education Commission
  • Western District Executive Board
  • Western District Synods and Conferences

4. Congregations

The church registers (baptisms, marriages, funerals, etc.) of the congregations of the Northern Province are combined in the collection of church registers.

  • Church Registers


Alaska is not part of the Northern Province. Some mission records are held at the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem (not yet processed), incl. a church register from Carmel (see with Church Registers).


Records from the congregations and the Board of Elders in the Canadian District are held by the Canadian Moravian Historical Society in Edmonton.


  • Morning Star Moravian Church, Peoria, AZ


  • Downey Moravian Church, Downey, CA
  • Good Shepherd Community Church, Yorba Linda, CA
  • Morongo Moravian Church, Banning, CA
  • West Covina Moravian Church, Covina, CA


  • West Salem Moravian Church, West Salem, IL
  • First Moravian Church, West Salem, IL
  • Second Moravian Church, West Salem, IL


  • Haverford (First) Moravian Church, Indianapolis, IN 
  • Second Moravian Church, Indianapolis, IN


  • Blairstown Moravian Church, Blairstown, IA
  • Gracehill Moravian Church, Grace Hill, IA
  • Harmony Moravian Church, Harmony, IA
  • Moravia Moravian Church, Moravia, IA
  • Victor Moravian Church, Victor, IA



  • Graceham Moravian Church, Graceham, MD
  • Monocacy Moravian Christian Fellowship, Frederick, MD
  • St. Paul’s Moravian Church, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Trinity Moravian Church, New Carrollton, MD


  • Daggett Moravian Church, Daggett, MI
  • Faith Moravian Church, Canton, MI
  • Grace Moravian Church, Westland, MI
  • Unionville Moravian Church, Unionville, MI


  • Berea Moravian Church, Berea, MN
  • Bethesda Moravian Church, Springfield, MN
  • Chaska Moravian Church. Chaska, MN
  • Elim Moravian Church, Bird Island, MN
  • Hebron Moravian Church, Norton, MN
  • Lake Auburn Moravian Church, Victoria, MN
  • Main Street Moravian Church, Northfield MN
  • Waconia Moravian Church, Waconia, MN
  • Zoar Moravian Church, Laketown Township, MN


New Jersey

  • Battle Hill Moravian Church, Union, NJ
  • Egg Harbor City Moravian Church, Egg Harbor City, NJ
  • Elizabeth Moravian Church, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Evangel Moravian Church, Tom’s River, NJ
  • Hope Moravian Church, Hope, NJ
  • Palmyra Moravian Church, Cinnaminson, NJ
  • Riverside First Moravian Church, Riverside, NJ

New York

  • Brooklyn Moravian Church, Brooklyn, NY
  • Camden Moravian Church, Camden Valley, NY
  • Castleton Hill Moravian Church, Staten Island, NY
  • Fellowship Moravian Church, Brooklyn, NY
  • First Moravian Church, New York City, NY
  • First Moravian Church of Utica, Utica, NY
  • Fourth Moravian Church, New York City, NY
  • Good Shepherd Moravian Church, New Hartford, NY
  • Great Kills Moravian Church, Staten Island, NY
  • Hilltop Moravian Church, New Hartford, NY
  • Metropolitan Moravian Fellowship, New York, NY
  • Midland Beach Moravian Church, Staten Island, NY
  • New Dorp Beach Moravian Church, Staten Island, NY
  • New Dorp Moravian Church, Staten Island, NY
  • Protestant Congregation of the Moravian Church
  • Second Moravian Church, New York City, NY
  • Third Moravian Church, New York City, NY
  • Tremont Terrace Moravian Church, Bronx, NY
  • Trinity Italian Moravian Church, Staten Island, NY
  • Trinity Moravian Church of New Dorp Beach, Staten Island, NY
  • Trinity Moravian Church of Utica, Utica, NY
  • Vanderbilt Avenue Moravian Church, Staten Island, NY

North Dakota

  • Alice Moravian Church, Alice, ND
  • Aurelia Moravian Church, Aurelia, ND
  • Bethel Moravian Church, Leonard, ND
  • Canaan Moravian Church, Davenport, ND
  • Casselton Moravian Church. Casselton, ND
  • Emden Moravian Church, Tabor, ND
  • Goshen Moravian Church, Durbin, ND
  • Shepherd of the Prairie Moravian Church, Fargo, ND
  • Tagus Moravian Church


  • Church of the Redeemer, Dublin, OH
  • First Moravian Church, Dover, OH
  • First Moravian Church, Uhrichsville, OH
  • Fry’s Valley Moravian Church, New Philadelphia, OH
  • Port Washington Moravian Church, Port Washington, OH
  • Promise Moravian Church, Lewis Center, OH
  • Schoenbrunn Moravian Church, New Philadelphia, OH
  • Second Moravian Church (South Moravian Church), Dover, OH
  • Sharon Moravian Church, Sharon, OH


  • New Dawn Moravian Church, Toronto, ON




  • Calvary Moravian Church
  • Midway Manor Moravian Church


  • Advent Moravian Church
  • Bethlehem congregation (1742–1851)
  • Bethlehem congregation (1851-1993)
  • Bethlehem deeds
  • Bethlehem Ministerial Association
  • Bethlehem Single Brothers’ Choir
  • Bethlehem Single Sisters’ Choir
  • Bethlehem Sunday Schools
  • Bethlehem Widows’ Choir
  • Central Moravian Church
  • College Hill Moravian Church
  • East Hills Moravian Church
  • Edgeboro Moravian Church
  • First Moravian Church of South Bethlehem
  • General Diacony
  • King’s Daughters
  • Lehigh Valley Council of Moravian Churches
  • Lehigh Valley Moravian Ministers’ Association
  • Moravian Aid Society
  • Moravian Tract Society
  • Over 55 Club
  • Philharmonic Society Bethlehem
  • West Side Moravian Church
  • Widows’ Society of Bethlehem


  • Canadensis Moravian Church


  • Coopersburg Moravian Church
  • Grace Moravian Church


  • Donegal Moravian Church


  • First Moravian Church of Easton
  • Palmer Township Moravian Church


  • Emmaus Moravian Church

German Valley

  • German Valley Moravian Church


  • Roemerville Moravian Church


  • Hebron Moravian congregation
  • Lebanon Moravian Church


  • Gnadenhutten on the Mahoning


  • Bethel Moravian congregation


  • Lititz Moravian congregation
  • Lititz Single Brothers’ Choir
  • Lititz Single Sisters’ Choir
  • Lititz Warden

Lynn Township

  • Alemaengel Moravian congregation

Manheim Township

  • Rossmere Moravian mission

Mount Joy

  • Donegal Moravian congregation


  • Christiansbrunn
  • Nazareth Moravian Church
  • Schoeneck Moravian Church


  • Hopedale/Newfoundland Moravian Church

North Heidelberg Township

  • Heidelberg Moravian congregation


  • Oley Moravian congregation


  • First Moravian Church
  • Fifth Moravian Church
  • Second Moravian Church
  • Third Moravian Church


  • Reading Moravian Church


  • Big Oak Moravian Church


  • Bethany Moravian Church
  • Covenant Moravian Church
  • First Moravian Church

Rhode Island

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Washington, DC

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5. Moravian Organizations and Institutions

<li><a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>​Beneficial Society of Bethlehem</a></li>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>​Conference of Spiritual Descendants of John Hus</a></li>

6. Educational Institutions

11. Visual Materials

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12. Other (Non-Moravian) Provenances

13. Miscellaneous

14. Library

Our library collects all publications about the past and present of the Moravian Church and relevant publications about the context of the Moravians. Our library also includes the original “Gemeinbibliothek” or Congregational Library, founded in Bethlehem in 1751, and the Malin Library, a spectacular collection of books on the Moravians.

The library catalog, which is separate from our online finding aid (for archival documents), can be searched here.