Ordering Reproductions

If you want to order reproductions of originals from our holdings, please keep the following in mind.

We can make digital images from material in our collection. There are reduced prices for material that has already been digitized. We can digitize single items such as images, maps, drawings, etc. With document files, we scan the entire file.

Most people ask us to send them the electronic files but we can also provide reproductions in various sizes and qualities. You can order a simple black and white print on normal letter size paper, a full color photo on glossy paper, or even framed reproductions on canvas.

We charge a standard setup fee for every order, independent of the number of images ordered. If the image needs to be scanned, there is a charge for every scan.

Click here for a list of our fees.

If you want to publish reproductions of material from our holdings you have to apply for permission. Permission is normally granted under the following conditions:

  • A fee must be paid if you want us to issue an official permission to publish (this depends on your publisher; for many people an informal email from us is sufficient)
  • A complimentary copy of the publication is to be sent to the Archives

Please send your order to digital archivist, Jonathan Ennis, at digital@moravianchurcharchives.org, stating which images in what size you would like to have and tell us if you want to publish the material.

You can also discuss further questions over the telephone (610-866-3255).