Fees for Research and Reproductions

Visiting the reading room and doing your own research is free. In the reading room you may use a digital camera to take images of items in our collections as long as these are for personal study purposes and the material is not restricted for any reason.

We are also able to assist you free of charge by mail, email, or telephone when providing you with information from our catalogs and finding aids (“is there material on such and such topic?”) or when your question can be answered in less than ten minutes.

However, if you need more substantial research to be done and you are unable to visit in person, research requests may be performed by the Archives’ staff, billed according to the following rates:

  • Standard research fee for 15 minutes • $15.00 (with a minimum of 15 minutes)
  • Expedited service (per order) • additional $50.00
  • Certifications of documents (per document, including a copy of the entry) • $25.00
  • Transcriptions of handwritten text into a typewritten document • $25.00 + $0.15 per word.
  • Translations: we do not provide translations but we can send you a list of translators

Reproduction orders

  • Setup fee • $10.00
  • Setup fee for expedited orders • $50.00
  • Digital images, scans (items are digitized with the high-quality Bookeye 4 V1A scanner, or with the Epson 4990 photoscanner; RGB and sRGB only):
    • Single items (such as maps, drawings, photos (per image) • $10.00 
    • Serial items (books, manuscripts; the entire unit will be scanned) (per image) • $2.00
    • For previously scanned serial items (per unit) • $10.00
  • Transmittal of files:
    • For electronic transmittal • $7.50
  • Photocopies (only available for unbound originals after 1950):
    • Color • $1.00
    • Black & white • $0.50
    • Photocopy (non-archival material) • $0.20
    • Print from microfilm reader/printer (letter size) • $0.30
  • Simple non-glossy color prints (letter size) • $2.50
  • Prices for other reproduction services (for example, museum-quality prints) • on request

Other Services

  • For issuing a permission-to-publish statement • $25.00
  • Loaning objects for exhibitions (per object) • $50.00
  • Tours of the archives (per person) • $5.00
  • Facility rental (including coffee and tea) • $300.00 for first two hours, $150.00 for each additional hour
  • Filming at the archives • $250.00 (for up to 4 hours); $500.00 (for 4 to 8 hours)

Late Fees

A late fee of $10.00 will be charged after 30 days, $20.00 after 60 days and $50.00 after 90 days.

As approved by the Board of Directors, Bethlehem, Dec. 13, 2021